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Chlorine-free & ecological swimming pools​


Did you know that the combination of chlorine and organic matter from sweat, urine and dandruff from swimmers produces approximately 100 organic by-products, a number of which are carcinogenic? 

We use a eco-friendly, and highly effective water disinfectant; the new generation of biodegradable disinfection.



  • total protection against bacteria, virusses and algae
  • long-lasting effect thanks to unique stabilisation that gives optimal lasting results, even at low concentrations
  • remains active at a wide range of temperatures and pH-levels


no eye-, skin or lung-irritation: making suitable for children and people suffering from astma or allergies with the added oxygen, water becomes crystal-clear and your skin becomes silky-smooth



no formation of toxic by-products, unlike chlorine



colourless, odourless, no residues cristal-clear, silky-smooth water replaces chlorine in one simple step



no harmful by-products; dissolves into water and oxygen the use of chlorine and aggresive chemicals is redundant longer service life of swimming-pool materials and plants thanks to non-corrosive product features

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